Convert 80% of your initial evaluations into paying patients.

For most prospective patients, neurofeedback training is a completely new approach to improving mental health issues. As a result, just getting prospective new patients in the door is just part of the equation.

A Tested Report-Of-Findings With Consistent Results

To retain those patients, you need a concise, easily understood Report-of Findings, explaining the value of what neurofeedback can offer them.

At NFB Marketing Solutions, we will provide fully scripted reports for use with new patients. They can be tailored to fit your personal style, but, followed closely, will typically result in a retention rate of 80% or better.

We will also provide sample investment sheets, explaining the different methods of payment available. You are responsible for setting your own fees, but the samples will give an excellent template to use.

Patient Financing

Neurofeedback is not covered by third party insurers at this time. As a result, to achieve a retention rate of 80% you need to offer affordable financing options in your office.

Care Credit and similar payment options are excellent choices. However, at NFB Marketing Solutions, we will introduce you to a company we use that has resulted in a collection rate of 94% over the last 42 months we have been placing accounts with them.

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