The Experience Behind NFB Marketing Solutions

My name is Dr Edward Carlton. I am a licensed chiropractor and certified neurofeedback provider who treats children and adults to improve performance and relieve symptoms from brain-based disorders that affect attention, mood, sleep, anxiety, depression, and more.. First educated in mechanical engineering at The University of Texas, I subsequently attended Texas Chiropractic College for my chiropractic degree.

Why Neurofeedback Training?

After struggling with the symptoms of bipolar disorder most of my life, I was forced to use medications to try to bring those symptoms under control. As expected, these medications led to numerous side effects, while leaving the underlying brain related issues untouched. At a professional development conference, I learned about neurofeedback training and was able to experience it firsthand. As a result of neurofeedback I was able to eliminate my symptoms, allowing me to stop using the medications.

A Powerful New Business With Neurofeedback Training

Due to the excellent results I experienced, I sought the training, equipment and certification to begin offering neurofeedback to my chiropractic patients who needed it. My success in this has led me to establish the Carlton Neurofeedback Center. I see this technology as potentially one of the most life-changing, non-invasive, long-lasting technological innovations to help children and adults with many different kinds of neurological, performance and emotional challenges.

The Marketing Challenge

Neurofeedback is a niche market with very little public exposure. This, despite the fact that it has been around since 1972. Fortunately, as a chiropractor, I am used to bringing in my own patients with the use of marketing programs. However, I found that my previous internet providers lacked the proper experience in this specialized field to produce cost-effective results. After 2 years and 4 different companies, I decided to take over the marketing personally.

NFB  Marketing Solutions is based on that experience, gained over the last 3+ years of testing, creating and measuring of the results. Over 425 ads, 3200 keyword combinations, and a total of $125,000 in ad spend, I have developed a highly profitable (and Repeatable) marketing system. Unlike the national firms, my experience is in this field specifically. I don`t offer marketing services to any other industry.

Ready for success?

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