Customized Neurofeedback Brochures

 Professionally edited brochures for just pennies apiece.

All brochures are customized with your personal information and practice logo, including testimonials direct from your patients, if you have them available for use. We provide the brochure in a PDF format, that can be directly printed on glossy paper in your own office. Or, download them to a service such as Vistaprint, for larger quantities.

Current topics available:

  • What is Neurofeedback
  • Depression
  • Anxiety and Panic Attacks
  • Neurofeedback Training & ADHD & ADHD Symptoms
  • Autism Patients See Better Behavior and Cognitive Abilities

Explaining neurofeedback in easy to understand terms, these brochures will help you “get the word out” in an easy, inexpensive manner.

To order a set for your office

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