Imagine seeing a return on your pay-per-click advertising in under 30 Days!

For online marketing to be successful, it must produce appointments for your office. Just “clicks” on your site isn`t good enough. To pay your bills, and operate profitably, your PPC program should create at least $10 dollars in income for every $1 dollar you spend.

To do this, you need the correct combination of keywords, ads, and offers in order to get the phone to ring. (Or, for them to schedule directly, online)

We have that.

As a client of NFB Marketing Solutions, we will set up your Adwords account using the same data gleaned marketing my office over several years using online pay-per-click advertising. In addition to this, your account will be managed on a regular basis, using information on appointments from your office (both calls and online) to insure that you are achieving the desired results.

Our program is offered on both a month-to-month basis, and for increased savings, annually as well. Unlike many other traditional PPC platforms, it is reasonable to expect the phone to start ringing within the first 14 days of starting the advertising. This is because we are using the same data compiled over 48 months in pay-per-click advertising for my own neurofeedback patients. You don`t have to wait 3 to 6 months for the system to “get it`s legs” before knowing if a particular ad set will work for your site.

Stay In Your Office – See More New Patients

To achieve success, you don`t have to leave your office. Speaking to groups is a great way to develop your practice. But, you may not want to spend your own valuable time searching for patients. If you already perform neurofeedback and want to expand your patient base, or want to add it to your practice as an additional service, this is both a profitable and easy way to reach new patients.

We have two programs:

  1. Short-term:  $695 set up, 3 month term. Month to month after that.
  2. Annual: $495 set up, 12 month term. Month to month after that.

Pay-Per-Click Account Management

The charge to manage the account:

  • Minimum monthly spend – $1000
  • Monthly spend $1000-$2000 : 25% of Ad Spend
  • Monthly spend over $2000 : 22% of Ad Spend

(As a comparison, Patient Pop and Reach Local, both national internet ad companies charge 30%)

The management fee includes both management of the Adwords account, and also helping you track your results in new patient appointments. This helps insure that you`re getting actual new patient leads, not just “clicks” on your account.

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